How Is Pagerank Determined?


While a site’s position on Google is still the greatest measure of search engine optimization success many people still don’t understand what goes into how this is determined. This is partly because Google wants it that way to prevent opportunists from gaming the system and partly because of the technical nature. You can’t really overcome the first factor but every SEO should do what they can to understand how Google determines what is called PageRank.

Most people know that search engines work off the quantity and quality web development company that any particular webpage gets. What isn’t necessarily known is that Google’s PageRank algorithm is the tool that figures out the importance of pages based on these factors. The usual analogy used when talking about the importance of links is voting. A search engine looks at pages like candidates and links as votes. The more links a page gets the more sites are voting for it. The idea makes sense because most people only link to pages they think are worth reading. The more people think a site is worth reading the more Google can trust that site is worth pointing readers to.

While the voting analogy is helpful it doesn’t tell the whole story. Google isn’t a democracy, and some votes are more valuable than others. Links from sites with a higher PageRank count more than links from sites deemed less important. This might seem unfair at first but you have to remember that once people found out how important links were they tried to take advantage of the system by creating dozens, hundreds and even thousands of websites with the sole purpose of linking to the site they wanted to promote. This can be viewed as essentially buying votes. The weighted measuring system means that sites that have actually built up authority in their field have the biggest impact on ranking.

So you are probably getting an idea of how you can improve your PageRank. If it’s determined by the number of links you get and the authority of the sites linking to you then you need to get as many links as possible from the most authoritative sites you can find. This process is known as link building and it has been the foundation of SEO company for years. Many people have tried to come up with the perfect link building techniques but all of them have pros and cons. In the end the best thing you can do when it comes to getting links is creating web pages that people will want to share and then promoting your site.

It’s important to remember that while a good PageRank is essential if you want to get to the top of Google it isn’t the only thing that is being taken into consideration. Google uses over two hundred factors when generating search results. The PageRank system is limited and Google knows this, so they’ve tried to expand their algorithm to include things like social networking and freshness. But for now it looks like PageRank will stay on top for the foreseeable future. If you want your site to rank on Google you have to go out there and try to get those links.