How To Approach Mobile SEO

The internet used to be tied down to specific locations. If you wanted to log on you had to find a computer that was physically hooked up to a modem. The times are changing. These days more and more people carry an internet-connected computer in their pockets. Smart phones and tablets have made mobile internet use almost ubiquitous. As such it’s important that people with websites should consider the unique needs of this section of the market. If your site doesn’t appeal to mobile internet users then you could be missing out.

One of the first steps you should take when targeting mobile searches is making sure your site is ready for mobile viewing. Many sites prepare a mobile version of their page that is better suited for smartphones. The screens on these phones are smaller and often viewed vertically rather than horizontally. This can make some sites virtually unusable when viewed on a phone screen. This mobile version of a site is usually hosted on a subdomain of the main site. You can use a number of available codes to detect whether or not a visitor is using a mobile browser and direct them to the proper site. This will ensure that every visitor gets a page that suits their needs, encouraging them to use it and come back later.

Put yourself in the mind of searchers. Mobile searches are different in that the searchers are often out and about. This means that searches have a different intent. Often mobile searchers are looking for local content. They want to know what is nearby and how to get there. If you have a website for a local business this is especially important. Try using keywords that people will use when looking for a business near them. Think city name, neighborhood, street name or landmarks. This way you can help direct mobile searchers in your area to come to your business. Remember that good digital marketing agency Bangkok isn’t just about getting hits, it’s about getting hits that you can convert into profits.

It’s important that you don’t lump mobile users in with the rest. Remember this when you are digging into Analytics to see how your site is doing. If you are not separating the two groups then you are getting a distorted view. When using Google Webmaster Tools you can have them break down your top queries into mobile, web and image searches. This will give you a good idea of how mobile users view your site differently than others. You also want to check out the health of your site in terms of both web and mobile traffic. Check on the Crawl Errors tab to see if Googlebot-Mobile doesn’t like your site as well as Googlebot does. Remember, these are different and so you need to treat them differently.

If you keep these things in mind then you will be on your way to optimizing your site for the mobile crowd. In these days and times this is an absolutely essential step toward being the most successful site possible. Mobile searches are big business and you don’t want to miss out on any potential profit.